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From: Bend For Me
Subject: Family Traditions - Introducing my son to family traditions. (Part 1)My name is Michael, I'm 31 years old, 6' 2" real horny lollitas nude
blond, 250 lbs of tanned muscle. Wide hairy chest with
big nipples that are always erect. I have a big round
ass and a 12 inch thick cut cock with a head that my
wife always complained of because of it's size --she
said it hurt, but, she would always try more and more.
My son is now 11. His name is also Michael. He's 5'
10", with a lean body and an excellent bubble but that
looks like it's gonna be like mine when he grows up
more. Thou he has no body hair, he'll get it soon --he
looks just like me at his age.I have been living alone with my son since I got
divorced from his mother about three years ago. She
wanted to go with another man, and me too. But, I
wanted to see my son grow, inch by inch. So I decided
to stay and take care of him, until he decided to be
on his own.Al though my son has his own bedroom, since he was
nine years old he started sleeping with me, in my bed,
because of very low temperatures and no heaters. So,
since then, even when it's a hot night, he doesn't
want to go to sleep to his bed alone.
Since that day, I've been waiting to be there when he
has his first wet dream, and start giving him lessons
about sex. He had never seen me completely naked,
until, it happened:It was a hot night, and we were both sleeping with
only our boxers on, and it was about three o' clock in
the morning, when:--"Dad! Dad! Wake up! Look at this! What happened?"
I woke up to see, and he had the side lamp on,
--"Son, what happened, what?"
--"Dad, look, I'm all wet! I pissed on your bed Dad,
I'm so embarrassed, I promise Dad, I didn't mean to do
this, Dad!"
--"Son, what? Let me see."
--"Kiddo... you didn't piss on my bed, you had a wet
dream son."
--"A wet dream Dad? What is that? Does that mean I'
gonna be pissing the bed?
--"Ja, ja, ja... no son, that means that you're
beginning to be a man! That's great son!"
--"Dad, I don't understand."
--"Mikey, this is not piss, this is cum, your first
--"Dad, what's cum?"
--"Cum kiddo, is what comes out of a mans dick when
he's horny. What were you dreaming of, huh kiddo?"
--"Well, dad, I was dreaming of you. You and me. We
were having fun playing in the backyard, and when you
hugged me, you started to hug me harder and harder. I
was feeling great when.. when.. I woke up, and.. saw
--"Well, son, it's ok to dream of me, because you love
me, right son?" "Yes Dad, I love you a lot. And now,
what am I supposed to do with this `cum' in my dick?"
--"Well son, you are going to do nothing, leave that
to me. I'm gonna do what dads must do when they see
their sons first cum, just as your gramdad did when he
saw my first cum... I'm gonna clean it, it's a family
tradition. Wait..."
I took his boxer off and started licking his little
dick... tasting his cum... eating it... slurping pthc zeps loli teen every drop
of it... when I finished, I was all relaxed, and said:
--"Dad, that felt great!"
--"Did you like it kiddo?"
--"Yes Dad, It felt awesome! Did you eat it all?"
--"Yes son, that's what dads have to do when they see
their sons first cum"
--"Dad, it felt great to be kissed and licked there by
you, but.. but.. the next time, it won't be the first,
you dark angels nude lolitas won't do that again?"
--"Son, only if you what me to, I will, when ever you
want me to. Would oyu like me to do it again?"
--"Yes Dad! Yes! But, you deep throat lolita xxx ate it all. What does it
taste like? little angel teens lolitas
Next time, don't eat it all. When will my
next time be? I want to taste it too! What does it
taste like?"
--"Well son, I don't know how soon your next time will
be. I'm sorry I didn't offer you some, but, it's a
family tradition, dads have to eat all of their sons
first cum."
--"Dad, I want to know what does it taste like. Does
it taste good?"
--"Of course son, it's magnificent! I still have the
taste in my mouth, do you want to taste it from my
--"Yes dad, little angel teens lolitas
I do." So I hugged him, and he started
liking my mouth and tongue for a minute or two, until
I god a huge hard on.
--"Dad, what's this big hard thing under your boxers?"
--"Son, that's your daddy's dick, but, it's bigger
that yours, cause I'm older"
--"Dad, can I see it? Please"
--"Of course son, here, take my boxers off." I stood
up next to the bed, and he lowered my boxers to be hit
on his face by my huge cock.
--"Dad! It's huuuggee! How long is it?"
--"It's 12 inches long son, and 9 inches thick."
--"Dad, it has a huge ball on the end of it" "Son,
that's my cock's head, it is big, and there is where
cum spurts out from when I get horny and play with my
--"Dad, can you make cum now? Can you make some cum
for me? I would like to taste it."
--"Yes, son, if you'd like that, daddy can make some
daddy cum for you, so that you can taste it, but, it's
gonna be a lot of man milk."
--"Man milk?"
--"Yes son, men like to call it milk because it is
white, and very nutritious. It's like milk that
mothers do, but, this one is for men only. And boys
your age, start making small portions of it, and as
you grow older, you make more and more. A man my age,
makes a lot more man milk than you did right now son."
--"Dad, please make some of your milk for me. I want
to drink your milk and taste it."
--"Ok son, I'll show you how men play with their cocks
and make milk deep throat lolita xxx come out of their dick's head." I told
him to lay flat on the bed, and I sat with my legs
open on top of him, and started jerking my fat cock
showing him how it's done. And precum was dripping out
of it.
--"Dad, is that milk?"
--"Well son, that's just the first drops of my milk,
there's a lost more to come out. Here, taste this and
tell me if you like it." So I put my cock's head on
his lips, and he started to lick it.
--"Hmmmm, dad, it tastes a bit different from the
things I have tasted, it's sour but it tastes good"
--"Ok son, do you want your daddy to give you more man
--"Yes dad, give me more, how much milk can you make
right now?."
--"Well son, a lot more than you, when I'm horny and I
cum, my cock shoots a lot of man milk, a lot! And it's
a lot more creamier than what you have just tasted,
it's thicker, like hot yogurt. And it comes out of my
cock's head like in spurts, like cannonballs. Do you
want more?"
--"Yes dad, give me more of your man milk. Are you
horny right now? Can you make some more?"
--"Ok kiddo, let your daddy show you how man milk is
done." I started stroking my cock faster and faster,
sitting on top of my sons waist. "Son, rub daddy's
strong legs so that you can help daddy produce more
daddy milk for you." "Ok dad." He started rubbing my
muscular legs, and I stroked my fat cock with my right
hand, and caressed my wide and buff muscular chest
with my other hand, rubbing and pinching my big erect
nipples. I grabbed his right hand, ant took it to my
left tit, and he started rubbing it, softly, then, as
I started to sweat heavily, he got excited and started
to put it and pinch it harder. That was making me
really horny.
--"I'm close son, I'm just about to shoot all over you
my daddy milk. Here son! Here! I'm gonna shoot it
nooooow! Heeeeeeere! Take it! Eeeeaaaat it!"
--"Dad, shoot it in my mouth for me, I want to drink
your daddy milk!"
I started shooting thick long spurts. Two went in his
mouth, and the next four or five, I shot them to his
chest so that he wouldn't choke with it. He drank it
like a thirsty man in the desert drinking water.
--"Hmm, dad, your man milk tastes very good. I love
it! Do you have more?" He saw some dripping out of my
cock head, and took his mouth and started sucking like
a baby to get more daddy milk. He sucked good and hard
until he left me dry.
--"Here son, there's more on your chest, let me get it
for you". I got my cock all wet with my cum on his
chest, and took it to his mouth so that he could lick
it. Then I got some on my fingers, and he sucked them.
I continued to wet my cock and fingers with my cum
until there was no more on his chest. I licked his
chest to taste the cum left, and then, I kissed him.
He just let me explore his mouth, making noises of
--"Wow dad, that was great. I want you to give me your
daddy milk every day."
--"Ok son, I'll give you my daddy milk every day so
that you can grow stronger every day, and produce more
milk than me, but you'll have to be a good little boy
for daddy, ok?"
--"Yes dad, I'll be daddy's preteen pics pthc lolita little good boy from now
on, so that you can give me your delicious daddy milk
and I'll grow tall and strong, just like you."
I turned off the bed lamp, and we went back to sleep.
Naked, spooning, with my huge erect cock between his
legs. We went to sleep, with the taste and the smell
of my cum to keep me hard all night.Comments:
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